Crossings of the Duoro River – Dom Luís I Bridge, Porto

Possibly the most famous landmark in Porto, the Dom Luís Bridge over the River Duoro casts a magnificent arch across the gorge in which the city sits. It completely dominates the city centre, and is probably the highlight of any visit. Linking the Porto with its southern suburb of Vila Nova de Gaia, it was completed in 1886 by the same people behind the Eiffel Tower.

Getting to the bridge is easy, as there are two decks. The lower deck carries normal road traffic, but if you want those views across the river, then there is a more cunning way to get up there to the upper deck. You can take Line D of the Porto Metro or you can walk up from Sao Bento station, past the Cathedral to the upper deck, to get those marvelous views…

And it is a romantic place to take a stroll! If you have a loved one, someone special who you want to share a view with, well, this is probably one of the most beautiful parts of Porto (along with the Museum of Romance) to come and take a stroll. Sunset is a particularly stunning time to see the vista of the city from the Dom Luis Bridge.

It does not take long to take the bridge and to be honest, like the crossing, my holiday in Porto was over far too soon. I really want to come back to Porto. It was simply just a great place to visit. Fantastic food, great sights, a beautiful setting and shockingly cheap. Wonderful locals and a culture that is rich to the senses. What more does anyone want from a holiday? And the best way to crown my trip to Porto was by crossing the mighty Duoro over the Dom Luis I bridge. One of the world’s truly great landmarks, a wonderful piece of human engineering, and an iconic piece of Porto that I was lucky to see!



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3 responses to “Crossings of the Duoro River – Dom Luís I Bridge, Porto

  1. Love this bridge; it is very beautiful indeed. In general, I love bridges, especially old bridges, they are great pieces of architecture, and it is amazing that they are still functional. And to think that these were built in the days when engineers had to rely on their own hands and brains for calculations. Now that is brainy, I say. And hats off to the construction crew as well, that transformed the blueprints into reality. Love the 1st and last photo. In the 1st photo, there is yet another bridge in the background, more modern but same design.

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