Caution WetPaint – UK Premiere!

Jay and Kay Save the World gets its UK premiere in August at the Deep Fried Film Festival:

Venue and Guide for CWP at the Deep Fried Festival.

I, El Director, will be there in Coatbridge for the night to watch the film and to see how our first UK audience reacts to and hopefully loves our film!

It is great to get a UK premiere. For me as a Director, it will be fascinating to see the reaction of the audience to the film’s humour and one of the best ways in which to gauge how CWP is received and more importantly, how to improve on the formula of the films. What works and what does not is really important, and so every chance that I get, no matter how small, I will take.

So join me, at the Deep Fried Film Festival, Thursday 18th August at 8pm.

Venue: Conforti Institute, Calder Avenue, Coatbridge. Nearest Rail, Whifflet (trains every half hour from Glasgow Central).



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3 responses to “Caution WetPaint – UK Premiere!

  1. Mary

    Wow that’s fantastic news El Director!

  2. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. 🙂 Wow, and in your home country. That is even more special. I love your attitude of learning and improving – surely the path to success in life. Getting unfiltered audience reaction will be priceless. You may want to take a voice recorder and record the reactions from start to finish of the movie and even as the audience is exiting. It will give you the chance to analyse it later on in your studio.

  3. @Mary – thanks, it really is!

    @in every atom =- thanks too! it is a wonderful thing to actually see and hear the audience. the recorder is a good idea…

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