One year of my thirties over

Wow, I have made it to 31. When I was was young, this felt like an old age to be and now I am here, I feel..old?

Last year, I wrote one hell of a long blog post sealing the end of my twenties. And it was one hell of a short post that welcomed my thirties.

How was the last year. Well, it was…interesting. I have done a lot. A lot more than I expected to do. I have achieved a little. There is definitely an upward trend in where I am heading to, but where that trajectory that will play out, I am not yet sure of.

How will the next year play out. Well, indications are that film wise, it will still be a struggle, but hopefully one that will be more fruitful. I really hope that the inter spaced with success will become more prominently successful and will build to me building a successful film making life. In other matters, moneywise and personally, life is getting better, but I wish both were easier in terms of logistics. Nonetheless, by the time i reach 32, life could be even more…interesting…



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5 responses to “One year of my thirties over

  1. Happy Birthday, Charles! 🙂 Wishing you years of happiness ahead and much success in all your endeavours.
    You are an Aries, hey! You are a freedom lover and a pioneer of sorts!

    • Oh no, I am a Gemini! They are far more fun 😉

      • Oh yeah, thanks for correcting me. I got my March and May confused, silly me. Hmm, gemini, twin personalities, loves to communicate, loves ideas & concepts, great wordsmiths, lots of friends, also likes and needs alone quiet times. 🙂
        You listened to some very innate stirrings when you decided to write and direct films. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday. I just ended my thirties on May 12 and hit the big 40! I didn’t blog about it ’cause I still feel like I’m 29! 🙂

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