The end of the World – Rapture!

Why are you here?

You should all be dead by now.

Didn’t you hear of the Rapture?

Well, you know, being alive is such an inconvenience. I had my final day planned out just right.

I had my final meal (Donner Kebab), my final drink (the perfect pint of beer) and my perfect night out (with Ken Clarke).

But here I am this morning. Judgement Day has not turned up, and this is where I am. Here, blogging, complaining and looking back at a week of tomfoolery…oh well, at least yesterday was sunny!



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2 responses to “The end of the World – Rapture!

  1. I was thinking about Kebab’s too (smile)

  2. I feel the same sarcasm for all dooms day / end of the world scenarios. They are just ploys to frighten and control people.
    Hey, at least you had a good final day before the rapture that was to be. 🙂

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