Where is blogger?

As some of my readers may note, I publish this blog twice. Once on blogger ad once on wordpress. As both platforms are free, I am not fussed by what they look like or how they work . After all, if you pay nothing, what do you expect.

But it is worrying when the service goes down. Like yesterday and today, blogger is still out. Yes, I kind of depend on the cloud for a few things. While I have a lot stored on my computer, my emails all go through google, and that is kind of worrying. They had an outage in February, and it can happen again.

While I love the concept of cloud computing, you have to remember, your data is on someone else’s servers, a private company’s servers and you know what, it can go at any time.

And while I am not a serious blogger, as in this is not a source of income for me, I do enjoy blogging, and I would hate to loose the info that is here online.

But I hope to get back to blogger tomorrow. If their problems are fixed…


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  1. I am with you, Charles. While I too love the idea of cloud, I am not ready to give control of my data to someone else. With technology, I tend to let others experiment and once something is more firmly established, I gingerly tread on it, but only if it suits my needs.

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