The Referendum Result – No to AV…

The following parts of the UK were unhappy with our current voting system:

Glasgow Kelvin
Edinburgh Central

And the following parts of London:


The rest seem overjoyed with our current electoral system.

Well, good luck to us all, we deserve the governments we inherit in the future…



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2 responses to “The Referendum Result – No to AV…

  1. That is too bad the AV was voted down. Sometimes new ideas require more gestational time, perhaps this is one of those ideas that will need re-visiting. Atleast there were a few regions that voted it in. Any chances for another referendum on this in the future? Are such referendums very rare?

  2. That was our first national referendum since 1975, so they are rare.

    We do get a lot of local referendums on decisions regarding local governance issues (the establishment of the Greater London Authority in 2000 is a recent example), but the issue of vote reform is dead in the water for a long time. Not in my lifetime anyway!

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