Bugger – the vote…and the referendum

Okay, so I just voted:

As you can imagine, I voted Yes in the referendum. As for the local elections, my vote was…wasted…I am a bad citizen, but I despise our local bunch of mini-dictators. So I decided to doodle on my ballot paper. Some may say that is a waste, but I did not ave enough information on any of the local candidates to make an informed choice, and I am not loyal to any political party. As my local council is…crap…I thought I would repay the favour, and doodle…

The results will be known in the early hours of Friday morning, but despite the enormity of today’s ballot (the referendum that is) I do not expect anything revolutionary. Still, I hope my vote cushioned the defeat of the Yes vote, and at least that will keep some form of political reform alive…



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2 responses to “Bugger – the vote…and the referendum

  1. Keeping fingers crossed for you. You are mentally prepping for a defeat of AV, but I am rooting on your behalf. 🙂
    Regarding the local elections, that is a tough one indeed, it is the same problem with me, not enough info on local candidates and no loyalties to any party. Which is sad, because local govt is the building block of the national, and local decisions effect us the most.

  2. Usually I’m too lazy to vote. I did vote the last few times and the person I DIDN’T vote for got in! 😦

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