Referendum 2011 – My Decision

On Thursday is the first referendum in a generation covering the whole of Britain. And many people, such as myself would not have been alive at the last chance that the whole of the UK had a chance to influence the direction that it is politically heading. Most of the time we let other people, politicians decide for us, and accept meekly the consequences with a bit of grumbling.

But on Thursday, May 5th, the UK will be able to take a decision whose influence will ripple far into the future.

How we vote for those politicians.

And the bulk of the country will not even bother to go out to vote.

Normally, I am not a voter. I am a bad citizen. And that is because I hate the system. On Thursday, I get to change, in a very minute way, the system itself. For me it is a chance too good to miss.

I know that my vote will be useless again. I know that the status quo will probably reign supreme, as change in the UK is very slow. But I still, for once, feel the need to head out and vote. To maybe change this rotten system.

And that means, I will be voting Yes. But why will I vote yes? Ah, that will be revealed tomorrow…


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  1. Just the fact you voted, will earn you the right to truly grumble, regardless of whether the AV passes or not next week. Can’t wait to find out what this AV is all about.

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