Easter TV

I do look forward to the whole Easter weekend when it comes to television. In between shifts, it is nice to sit down and watch one of those Ancient Bible Stories. You know, I want to see Charlton Heston riding a chariot or holding the Ten Commandments above his head. Hell, I want to see it all. The toppling of the Philistine’s temple, a heroic revolt . Hey, I will even take the non-Christian tales.

But where are those films? Those legendary bladder busters, relieved by the handy nearness of my own toilet. Nowhere! Check the TV schedules (do we still have them in this digitised/multichannel world), and it is filled with lousy programmes about someone’s upcoming wedding. Ugh…just leave them alone!



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5 responses to “Easter TV

  1. Mary

    Now that’s a really cool tv set!

  2. That TV caught my eye too. It is very cute.
    I haven’t seen too many Biblical movies, but I do love the movie, “Jesus of Nazareth”.
    I was wondering when you were going to broach “the wedding”, living as you are in the very midst of the locale.

  3. Cool TV! Too bad it doesn’t contain memories of old shows. I truly despise most of the new shows. Everything is reality this and reality that, or who is doing who.

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