Charlie’s Second Holiday to Poland – Poznan’s Goats!

Step into Poznan’s wonderful market square at around 11:55am. Hurry, there is only five minutes left! Gather the kiddies round while you can, for there is a little treat for them!

Look up at the clock tower and wait for the striking of 12 noon. And note there are two clocks on this tower. The upper clock on the bell tower is completely inaccurate. It is the lower one you must look at. For when it strikes 12, the goats come out to play:

Oh yes, those little goats, the symbol of Poznan. Fans of Curried Goat and funky tasting cheese should not shout of their unique flavour while in Poznan. As the locals love their goats, this symbol of the city. An almost sacred flesh that is not consumed but instead enthralls the spectators everyday. And look around the city while you travel, for the goats are everywhere!



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2 responses to “Charlie’s Second Holiday to Poland – Poznan’s Goats!

  1. Great video, enjoyed the architecture and the people in the square. The clock tower building is beautiful.
    Really, they don’t eat goat there? Is that just in Poznan or all of Poland?

  2. For some reason, goat meat (or even mutton/lamb) is not that popular in Poland. For shame, as I love the stuff!

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