Charlie’s Second Holiday to Poland…

Yes, I am back, from holiday, and it was to Poland…again…

I might be gaining a thing for this country, but enough for that, it was a brief city break that I took last week to Poznan. As you know last time I already visited Wroclaw and the wonderful Krakow.

Poznan is a very different beast from these two cities. Wroclaw is wonderfully cultural while Krakow contains a genuine honeypot of attractions. But that is partly reflected in the history of the city of Poznan. More to come on that later…

Just like the last time I went, I am shocked that Poland still remains an undiscovered country. Whoever runs the Polish tourist board should be shot. Poland is cheap, easy to reach from the rest of Europe (as it is smack bang in the middle of the continent), and is filled with fascinating cities, history, great countryside and of course stunning looking women. The only thing I am not a big fan of is the food, which, to be polite is interesting.

So join me for the next few days enjoy a few tales from my latest visit to Poland…



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3 responses to “Charlie’s Second Holiday to Poland…

  1. Poland again, hey! 🙂 I was definitely not expecting that. Something there has certainly entralled you, and that is always a good thing. I hope the Polish tourism department is reading your blog, so they can learn how to market their country.

  2. Someone is much better than something. 🙂 Here’s to good times and happiness.

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