Blogger vs WordPress

The battle for the geeks has commenced! Who will it be. In one corner is Blogger. Made even more convenient by your gmail account, it has all the buzz that you need.

And in the opposite corner sits WordPress, the plucky independent owned by some small California company.

The fight is thoroughly exciting, but which one to choose.

Usually, I blog in blogger. If you look at it, my Blogger blog is far better connected than my WordPress blog. If you scroll down the sidebar, you can see the links to my various film projects as well as my blogroll of the other blogs I read (on various blogging platforms).

My WordPress blog on the other hand is far more sparse. It is not as well decorated or personalised, and even my photos are hosted via blogger, not wordpress. However, I have far more connectivity on WordPress and more importantly, a lot more hits.

Essentially, both blogs are the same, I just copy and paste. There is no variety or imagination, just simple copycats.

What is interesting are the sources of my visitors and what they head for.

Search engines are the biggest sources for me, but on WordPress, the occasional blog also refers my to my boog providing a surprising jolt to the numbers. Blogger does not seem to have that.

And the guys who come onto Blogger generally head for either the stuff about Star Trek or the London Overground (which, by the way, sucks as a post).

The visitors to my WordPress are far more contemporary. They have ranged from my recent slip into Shoreditch, my love of Kremowki as well as the fairly serious post about the recent revolution in Tunisia.

Anyhow, I will soon be improving my WordPress site. I am also getting fed up of google randomly loosing my photos everytime I upload them. So I will slowly improve my lot with wordpress, and tinker it up. Who knows, it may eventually become my blogging platform of choice…

But first I got to learn how to add a blog roll…

(Oh and I will be talking about my holiday next week. It is not that great and was only a brief city break, but hey, I needed the rest!)


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One response to “Blogger vs WordPress

  1. Can’t wait to read your holiday posts. It maybe only a city break for you, but to those of us distantly situated, it is foreign and therefore exotic. 🙂
    Very interesting comparison between blogger and wordpress. It kind of affirms my assumption that wordpress has some really serious blogs and topics and readers, whereas blogger tend to be more youth-oriented and partyish.
    I just noticed that I am in your blogroll. Thanks!

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