The Most Awful Superpowers Ever?

We have all heard of Superman (who is basically invincible) or Spiderman (who can crawl up walls). But what about having really awful superpowers. Something like Powdered Toast Man who would fart out bread crumbs, such was my understanding of the fantastic Ren and Stimpy.

So what would be the worst super powers to have. I am not too sure and to be honest, the list is endless. But I will get the ball rolling.

How about having Power Saws instead of hands? Imagine hugging someone, it would juse be bloody mess.

X-Ray Vision. Think about it, no boobies, just bones.

Having a body made out of wood. Yeah, you could see those flames coming towards you…

Anymore? Hit me in the comment box…



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4 responses to “The Most Awful Superpowers Ever?

  1. Interesting. I guess a really crappy super power would be being able to read people’s minds. I really don’t care about what other people have to say sometimes. Lol. Just kidding. Kind of.
    I posted about Super Jesus today. Check it out if you want.

  2. Power to hear everyone’s thoughts. Would drive the person insane with all the thoughts of humanity buzzing in the ear.

  3. Mary

    How about feet that doubled up as wheels. Buying shoes would be a pain though.

  4. Ever hear, “I wish everything I touched turned to gold.” That would be an awful power, what if you fell in love with someone? No touching. I guess you wouldn’t be able to touch yourself either.

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