UK Census 2011

Here it is! Every ten years in the UK we the population by law have to fill out a form. For the first time this year, it can be done online, but I have opted to go for the paper version and fill my copy of the census by hand.

Now this is my first census, and let me explain. My first census was in 1981 when I was one years old. The next in 1991 when I was 11. Both times, I was too young to know about it. In 2001 I was 21, but never bothered to fill out the census as I was in Central America, and so it was filled out for me by my mother. But this time, in 2011 at the grand age of 30 (going on 31) I have filled out my first form.

And I purposely chose hand writing. Why? Well, in the UK the census results are released into the public domain after 100 years. It gives me a thrill that in the future my descendants (should I have any) could well look up a little info about me and see my own handwriting (and witticisms) on the census forms. Long after this blog disappears into the obscurity of cyberspace, in an age where information is everywhere but short term, it is reassuring to know that one day, someone, somewhere can see what I wrote and laugh and say to him or herself, hey that was my great-great-grand-daddy!



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3 responses to “UK Census 2011

  1. tony joyce

    Hi Charlie,
    I remember when I was in Uganda and they did a census. I was listed as living in a tent with no toilet, no money and an ethnicity of a polish rastafarian. In fact there were 15 of us all living in the same conditions. That should cause an anomoly. Mind you 10 years on and back in the UK and not much has changed.

  2. Now that is planning for the future. 🙂 What a great idea though to record your handwriting and your witticisms as well as the mundane details of the census. You really thought this through.

  3. @stony – all right mate, long time! Yeah, but at least in Uganda, life may be tough, but you’re not paying for the privilege unlike here.

    @in every atom – It’s the vanity in me. And the thrill that one day, my great-grand-whatevers will look back and go, my gosh, he funny chappy in whatever language they may speak…

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