Blogs I Admire (and will immitate one off) 1 – Skywatch Friday

Now if you want to get a look at some great views of the sky, head over here to Skywatch Friday. A set of bloggers take snapshots of the sky in their local neighbourhoods to show the world the beauty of their sky. As the name suggests, it happens every Friday.

For this week, I have decided to imitate them. Unlike many other parts of the world, Suburban London does not offer the most inspiring set of heavens. Unless you like seeing the aeroplanes. By the by, if there is one Skywatch you should check out, then head to Magiceye’s Mumbai eye – where every Friday you will always catch a great Skywatch. I really do admire his snapshots from Mumbai, arguably one of the world’s great cities. And check out today’s posting (11th March) another beautiful shot of the Mumbai skyline.

Well, here is my one off contribution. My camera is lousy, and to be honest, I have no great rooftops to view off. But I looked up at the sky earlier in the week, and I just wanted to share this view of the moon from my back garden. Enjoy the weekend folks!



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2 responses to “Blogs I Admire (and will immitate one off) 1 – Skywatch Friday

  1. Mary

    Yeah I shall definitely be checking that out.

  2. What a great idea for these blogs and for your post. And I like your photo of the moon.

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