Charlie’s Holiday to Poland (15) – Kremowka or the Pope’s Cakes…

I may have agreed on the former Pope on a few things. I may have disagreed on a few things. I think there are many people in the world who share the same opinion.

But religious or not, one thing that many of us can agree with Pope John Paul II is this. His love of Kremowka (pronounced crem-Ooof-kah).

Basically the story goes like this. As a youth, the young Karol Wojtyła was part of a group of abstinence. Considering this is Poland, and the culture (at least today) pretty much revolves around booze, this was something pretty impressive. Then he qualified from school and went to the local Krewmowka shop. Now back in those days, you had to be an adult before you could go into one of these shops. And so his entering of this shop showed the world that he, Karol Wojtyła was finally come of age and able to enjoy Kremowki (pl. of Krwmowka) without any parental restrictions:

But why did the crowd laugh in the video when he mentioned Kremowka? Well, these delicious little cakes are made with a smattering of alcohol to help the cream settle. And so, the young Pope broke his abstinence vows…

And so it was this speech that set in motion a whole industry in the town of Wadowice. That of making Kremowka, known in English as the Pope’s Cakes.

Now, I am not one to normally follow Ecclesiastical trends, but when it comes to eating, who am I to go against such a Holy recommendation?

Mmm, Kremowka…



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5 responses to “Charlie’s Holiday to Poland (15) – Kremowka or the Pope’s Cakes…

  1. I feel like I am reading installments of what will soon be a documentary on Poland. 🙂

  2. Hey, that is a great idea regarding a documentary. Maybe you can try a trip with that in mind. One never knows how events turn out.

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