Back from the ‘Motherland’ and other details…

Laughably known as the motherland, Sri Lanka, my seventh time to my father’s country and the first time since forever that there is a semblance of peace and normality over the island. Compared to before. There are still checkpoints, army officers and over zelous security concerns, but this has been, far and away, my most enjoyable visit to the country, simply because I was able to visit the whole island at will.

Yes, that means I could visit Jaffna freely. Well, relatively freely. As a foreigner, I still needed clearance to head north of Vavuniya city, a relatively painless process, but still a process.

It was a good holiday, but far too quick. And no real time to see any sights. Everyday was spent traveling to see a member of my family, which is now in a boom phase as new babies are being born. Thankfully, the next few years should see more baptisms than funerals!

I also went to Sri Lanka to pick up my Aunt and Uncle who are spending the Xmas period in the UK with my family in London. They are now here, getting used to the cold. Of course this means that I will have to take them sightseeing, which could actually make this blog a rather interesting place to be over the next couple of months as I scour London for ‘fun’ things to do…

So this is the plan (ha, I love plans). Over the next few days will be blogs from Sri Lanka. Next will be blogs about the filming, then about London and a pattern may start to emerge in these writings.

Lifestyle, things will also slightly change. I have been saving up long and hard to give my Aunt and Uncle a good holiday this year. But I have done the saving, which means McJob can take a back seat while I actually live a life. So, I will return to my basic four nights a week McJob, as scheduled, one FULL day will be dedicated towards the filming (although my spare time is always spent on filming, a full day is always good for pure work). One full day will be for going out into London and one other day in the week for whatever crops up.

Oh yes, the holiday in London may have ended, but my London vacation is about to begin…


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