The Bicycle Diaries (Autumn – again!)

And so it is back, the chill is in the air and I can no longer pedal along in two wheels in a skimpy T-shirt and hope for body heat to make up for lack of coverage. That is it, our three month summer has definitely disappeared, the year is now a write-off and I have nine months of bitter cold to look forward too.

I have been neglecting my legs on the bicycle recently. The addition of a motorcycle to my traveling repertoire has meant that my loyalties have been split somewhat. But over the past two weeks, I have been pedaling furiously with and against the flow of London’s traffic and I have been loving it. Sure it is not as fast as a motorbike, but it is free, plus I can indulge in eating that little bit more, safe in the knowledge that I will be burning off the calories as soon as I jump in the saddle.

Still the same a**eholes on the streets, thinking that they are fast (including one huge 7.5T truck that decided to squeeze in between me and a traffic island yesterday) but overall, it is fun to go riding across the city on two wheels, and it is always better than sitting in traffic listening to Awful Pop FM on the radio. Autumn may be back again, but I am certainly not reducing my cycling intensity anytime soon…


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