Charlie’s Holiday – Train or Plane?

There are two ways you can realistically leave the UK. First, the main way out is by air. We have five airports, all of them useless and a pain in the neck to get to except Heathrow which just works in terms of ground transport. That is the only reason we want to fly out of there, because it is very easy (and cheap) to get to!!! New owners of Gatwick, you want us to use your crappy airport, then build the tube to the terminals! The plane is by far and away, the most popular way to leave London. After all, located on an island, we can’t just do a road trip, unless you consider the M25 a thrilling way to escape?

There is an alternative? The train. Since the building of High Speed 1, using the Channel Tunnel is now a realistic proposal with fast tavelling times to the continent and a lot less pain than the airports. We still have to pass through hoops to get on board, but compared to the plane, it is a most civilised way to travel…

I love travel by any means and over the past month, I ventured out by both plane and train. Recently in London, there has been the opening of two grand gateways. For planes, it has been Terminal 5 and for trains, St. Pancras International. As a Londoner, it was the first time that I had used either of these to travel from and so I got snap happy. Expect more pics later this week…


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