Charlie’s Holiday – Strasbourg

Oh yes, there was another place I have visited over the past month, and that is the pretty little town of Strasbourg in France. Unfortunately, time has been so short, that it has barely got a mention, but I was there for cinematic reasons as well, a week before BUSHO, and I managed to spend a couple of lovely days there sightseeing as well as seeing some great films and chatting to very cool film makers at the local film festival.

I am lucky that France is soooooo close to London. Thanks to the Channel Tunnel and all the bits attached to it, most of France is pretty easy for us Londoners to get to. Strasbourg was never the kind of town I thought I would end up traveling in, but that is exactly what I did. And it was not a decision that I regretted…

Strasbourg is a city criss crossed by canals and rivers. However, this is no Venice. Strasbourg’s waterways are not crossed by gondolas although there are numerous tourist boats that do the trips around the city. As for me, the beauty was along the waterways of the city. Beautiful buildings, wonderful eateries and cobbled streets as well as plenty of greeneries line these rivers. Whether by cycle (a very popular mode of transport here) or by foot, Strasbourg’s waterfront terraces are a realy special treat for visitor and local alike!

One of Strasbourg’s most famous sights is its impressive Gothic Cathedral. A little known fact, it was the world’s tallest building from 1647 until 1874, and remains the only building since the Pyramids in this group of ‘tallest buildings‘ not to have been destroyed or damaged along the way!

But for us Brits, Strasbourg is linked to one thing in particular. The European Parliament. The most maligned institution in the EU, this gravy train should be the world’s second largest exercise in democracy. Instead, it is little less than a talk shop, fronted by some of the most odious politicians on the continent – and that says a lot about the people that draw a pay packet from this monstrous institution! Located away from the centre of town, it necessitated a journey on the tram to see it. I had to, even though it was closed and not in session. Curiosity, not fascination, drew me here. At least I can say that I have been…

But overall, Strasbourg is a very pretty town. A great place to spend a couple of days just like I did. The food is pretty good, and the locals are not a bad bunch. Plus, it is quicker for me to get here than it is for me to travel to Scotland…


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