A visit to Tottenham Marches

It is not often that I venture north of the Thames, much less this far north into my home city. Such is the psychological and cultural divide that the River Thames has on me. But, on meeting up with a friend who I have not seen in ages, this is where I ended up – on the River Lee in Tottenham…

Like my first visit to the Parkland Walk last year, this is one of those accidental stumbles that I have encountered in this fair city. And like the Parkland Walk, this is going to be a place that I will return to in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future as I look for another part of the city to explore in depth!

A very brief, wikipedieaed history. The Tottenham Marshes is an area of the River Lee that also forms part of the Lee Valley walk, a green ribbon that follows this important tributary of the Thames right the way through London. Something of a surprise to find in an area more known for housing estates, the Tottenham Marshes is a tranquil zone of fun, well loved buy the local community that is just waiting to be explored by someone like me. A great cafe sits by the canalside and if you feel like scampi, this is the place to come!

I will be returning here one day. But for now, here is something to whet my appetite…


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