The Result?

I probably won’t stay up to see all the results from the election, but I am thankful that I was able to vote despite my sarcastic tone in yesterday’s post.

I love democracy, I just hate the politicians and the political class. But, the biggest story of this election is the turnout and the subsequent cock-up of people not being able to vote. Admittedly, in my polling station, I was surprised by how busy it was. I took my ballot papers and went into the booth. When I turned around, some 30 seconds later, half a dozen people were queuing up for the papers. But look elsewhere, some people were not as lucky as me. They were unable to vote, even though they wished to do so – and we call the UK a sophisticated democracy. The disgrace is that the police were called to chase away voters!

If there is any evidence that we are heading to a totalitarian state, this is it. In a way, a Tory win will do one good thing – cut police numbers…


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