One month to go…UK Election 2010…

The most rotten of Parliaments is finally coming to an end. Good riddance to the lot, you fetid, stinking bastards. And welcome to a new breed of fetid, stinking bastards, that will change the face of politics forever…oh, sigh.

It is that time again where once every few years in the political cycle, we get to elect our dictators. Scintillating stuff.

On the one hand we have a political party that has destroyed all civil liberties in the last 13 years. On the otherside of the ring, we have a political party supported by the same masters of the universe that has destroyed this country’s economy. Oh, and we have a third party that hires rent boys. Well, at least their financial spokesperson danced with Alicia Dixon – you go Vince! (although the guy is as snooty as the rest of them)

I have a vote. One vote. That is that. And I have never voted in a General Election. Never ever, despite the taxes I pay, I have not voted for who shall spend them. I have voted in some of the local ones, when I could be bothered, and I voted in the Mayoral elections but never at a national level. That does not mean I am not political, but just that the system does not work. Take a click on those links, and tell me, what do you think of the current crop of public servants – ha, a more laughable term if there was any!

Now, I am one of those annoying, floating voters. I do not wave a party flag, and although I come from a mildly Labour leaning household, that has not necessarily translated into my voting intention. In fact, I do not necessarily vote along party lines, but I actually look at what the policies are before I mark my ‘X’. So, depending on whether it is a regional or council election, I will vote for the party and candidate that I believe will best represent me.

But never at a national level.

Until now.

You see, in the past two elections that I have been eligible to vote in, the certain Labour landslides has meant that it was not worth me voting, it was going to be a waste.

But this election is wide open.

The election should be shoo in for the Conservatives. After all, we are in a recession, Gordon Brown is an incompetent leader and the fact that he has lead the administration that has shredded Britain for the past 13 years should mean that he should be thinking of writing his memoirs rather than contemplating another stint in the top job. But David Cameron is just as much of an idiot and leading his band of self styled Lords and Ladies to the trough does not find much appeal amongst the electorate.

That leaves the possibility for a Hung Parliament.

Now, there are advantages and disadvantages to this state of affairs.

On the one hand we in the UK have never been good at consensus politics. At a time where our economy is, to mildly put it, f**ked, do we want a wishy washy government.

Saying that, it has been the swing from landslide, to landslide that has landed us in this mess in the first place. Plus, we, the electorate, is fed up with the whole lot, and maybe, in our perverse minds, we would like to see a little bit of salt in the sugar…

Plus, there is one big factor in this election, which everyone seems to be ignoring. There is a large proportion of the electorate now employed by the state. They know that their job are going to get culled. The big question is, who they want to do the chopping? Public Sector workers are generally older than the rest of the population, and that means they will be more likely to vote.

So back down to the big question, at least from my perspective. Who shall I vote for. In the past few weeks I have swung from Conservative to Lib Democrat. I have flirted with wasting my vote with the Green Party, but all within a (mildly) Labour background in both family and upbringing.

But one thing is for certain. For the first (and maybe only) time in my life, I will use my vote in a General Election. Probably. Maybe. All right, nothing is certain, but there is more chance that I will vote in this upcoming election than in the previous ones…

(My prediction for this election – a Conservative win, but no landslide. I reckon on a working majority of 30 seats for David Cameron. My hope, at this moment in time, a Hung Parliament. I have had enough of the b**tards, and I want to see them frustrated for a while.)

(This blog will be back in a week’s time – toodles!)


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