London Diary (20)

He looked up at the night sky, shivering with cold, adrenaline or was it fear? It was easy to disguise one for te other on the streets of this city. Cynical, looking somewhere else to spit out his emotions and his inner phlegm, there was nothing he wanted more that to feel flesh. In any shape or form. He wanted to pound it, hurt someone, physically, with brutality. There was nothing more in him that he wished to do, the capacity for violence was exponential inside of him.

He breathed in, deeply at first before his breaths returned to normal. The feeling of cold had passed, but there was more inside of him. Pain, anger, hurt. Revenge. That was always powerful. It felt good, to inflict pain onto someone else, but he had to be careful. Always someone else was watching, which was why he liked the nights. Silent. Empty, no one around to spy, squeal or stop him.

He shivered again as a gust of wind blew through the buildings. The mini concrete blocks that created a tunnel for the weather to shunt through. Useless he thought, his achievements so far In life, in love, in wealth, in whatever measurements the world cared to use. He did not even feel a grandness in what he was going to do tonight. Just another step on the road to hell he thought, but nonetheless he was committed…


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