A Hung Parliament?

We do not do coalitions in the UK. Normally our governments win huge outright majorities. In effect, we elect a dictator for five years to rule us like hogs for (well, at the most) five years.

So far, opinion polls for election 2010 show the possibility of a Hung Parliament. Now, that is unlikely. The UK has only had one Hung Parliament since WWII (if you don’t include the brief rebellion under Major). The Conservatives are very likely to win an outright majority and so we are likely to have a ‘strong’ new PM.

Now, our economy is screwed, and for someone in my position (some savings, no debt, no family dependent on the state like children and a job) the best thing for me to see is interest rate rises and a deficit drop so that the pound can recover and I can get richer. Of course, this would annihilate the rest of the population of the UK whom are saddled with debt, have no savings, probably depends on the state for a lot of services and have a precarious job. For someone like me, a strong government (from any side) hellbent on creating mass financial destruction would be a good thing.

On the other hand, a hung parliament would be fantastic for the rest of the UK. More fiddling while Rome burns and more schemes to delay the inevitable debt repayment of the country while the politicians try to claw onto power. Of course, I would also love to see how a Hung Parliament works, if only to tell my kids (if I can afford them) what it was like. You see, a Hung Parliament is a bit like a Blue Moon, a rare event in nature and so while it would probably not be good for the UK as a whole, it would abe a fascinating spectacle.

But the all important question is this Will my vote actually matter? If so, will I take my first ever vote in a General Election this year?


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