Nicknames. Funny little things. Sometimes they are terms of affection, sometimes they are terms of derision, but love them or loathe them, they stick.

Nicknames can be based on many thins. Appearance (not usually complimentary), smells, behavior or just a simple basis on your own name.


That’s the latest moniker attributed to me by my work colleagues (in public). Of course, I probably have far less desirable names behind my back, but at the moment, the name, ‘Caramel’ is what I have been anointed with.

There is a thought process behind the name. It is a tortuous one but bear with me. I always tell my colleagues to ‘take it easy’ just before departing the building. We sometimes have to ‘deal’ with the Great British Public. So we need to keep our tempers from straying. Just like the advert for the chocolate bar, I tell everyone to ‘take it easy’, and so the baptism of a new nickname.

But what is far more interesting to find out is what they call me behind my back 😉


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