Tony Blair – you lying, murdering bastard!

I could get killed for saying that. But it is the truth. However, you could also hear the truth yesterday and hear exactly why he is probably the smartest man in Britain. He took this country into a war to lower the price of oil. Simple. Gordon Brown may be a bad Prime Minister, David Cameron is going to be an arsehole, but Tony Blair is evil. The UK is better off without him, but history will judge him as a mass murdering butcher. I hope for the rest of his days, he is tormented by the screams of the children that he killed.

We are lucky here that we still have the level of civil liberties in the UK to question a former PM while his political party is still in power. Unbelievably he has not been able to wipe that off the map. But yesterday’s performance, his insistence on weapons of mass destruction was the perfect cloak and dagger that has typified his leadership of the UK. Go back to earning your cash, and stay out of our lives. Before it ends too soon…


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