The Taxman smiled, so I spent!

So what is a man to do? I am one of the lucky few that has received a little bit of cash from the taxman after it was found that I overpaid in the financial year 2008-9. Only £50 (which in most parts of the world is a small fortune, but here can barely buy you sushi), but any money is appreciated. And so what did I do? Did I save it? Why of course not! Our government is encouraging me to spend and to be blunt, if I saved it, next year that £50 would be worth so little. So what better than to spend, spend, spend! Such are the morals of my generation, plus I would be giving a little bit back to HMRC 😉

To celebrate my most recent splurge, here is what I bought:

Chinese take away (awful, filled with salt and soya fed chicken).
A tank of petrol (necessary).
A broom (need to clean away the filth of the front garden).
The Amores Perros DVD (seen the film before, but it is just too brilliant!)

There you go, £50 in the blink of an eye. Plus about £15 of that was VAT and Fuel duty so the government didn’t do too badly out of that either. A win/win situation, I kept the economy moving and made myself ‘happy’ by shopping!

Personally, the only good thing on that list was the DVD. And maybe the broom.


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