The crumbliest, flakiest, takeover…

And so that is it. The last British industrial giant around has been swallowed, lock, stock and Bournville by an American Cheesemonger. Wave your Dairy Milks in disgust as another iconic British brand becomes McSumed into another all powerful conglomerate. Romantic stuff, eh?

The battle for Cadbury has grabbed the imagination of the British public far more than say the sinking of P&O or the swooping up of BAA. After all, we may occasionally board a ferry to jump off to Calais or hop on a jet to the Costa, but my gosh, we buy our chocies on daily basis. Who can resist the lure of milk chocolate buttons or the bunny rabbit appeal of a caramel bar. Mmm?

Let us be honest here. Cadbury’s chocolates have tasted like trash for a very long time. The only two Cadbury’s products I consume with any regularity (and it is rare that I ingest chocolate) are Green and Blacks and the Flake (as part of the delicious 99, the only ice cream I like). The rest is awful. Have you actually tasted the pulp that is Dairy Milk? I’m sure you have had enough tasteless Roses over the Christmas period and are now wondering why you even bothered with the box of pre-wrapped tat. We seem to forget that Cadbury has lost its altruistic edge a long time ago and it is just another company.

The sad thing will be the inevitable loss of British jobs that will accompany that deal. But not to worry, there are plenty more beans for the lawyers to count! And after all, in today’s Britain, that is what really matters. Oh, what a delightful turn of events…


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