Mi Gustas (3)

I like…The Clock!

Essentially, you are looking at one of London’s romantic hotspots. It may not look it from the blurry photo, nor when standing on the concourse of Waterloo on a cold evening do you feel a cosy feeling in your heart, but the clock is a common rendezvous for couples about to begin their first date. You see, Waterloo is a big place, and the clock provides an iconic spot that can be seen above the crowds of people and chain stores that litter the station itself. A reminder of a bygone day, and scarily accurate, the clock is one of the few things that South London does right…



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2 responses to “Mi Gustas (3)

  1. M Jackson Li

    I have always loved old fashioned clocks and time pieces. There seems to be something reassuring about that tick tocking sound. Not that mad about digital ones.

  2. @M Jackson Li – the clock was taken down a few years back to be refurbished. an unsettling time for me 😉

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