Mi Guatas (2)…

I like…The Defiant!

The Defiant was one of the best things about Star Trek. Okay, let me redefine that. The Defiant was the best ship on Star Trek. Hell, it was probably the best Sci-Fi ship ever. You have to think, before the late nineties, with special effects costing so much, ‘space ships’ may have had loads of guns, but never really used them that much due to the costs of SFX. Since the late 1990’s, every starship has been blowing everything else to bits and so they all fade into sameyness.

But The Defiant came at the right time. It was the first time a space ship on TV kicked ass as it was at the time when SFX was becoming affordable. So when Sisko called out ‘Battle Stations’, you know there was going to be fireworks! Plus, being on the iconic Deep Space Nine meant that it had a hallowed place in TV history…

It was a shame that The Defiant was destroyed by the end of the series. But like everything on DS9, it had to go. The series was wrapped up perfectly, and of course, the original Defiant had to go along with the rest of the show. So I look back through reruns and internet streams as the most fun you could ever see on the small screen…


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