Snow in the UK (and the predictable consequences)

That’s the view outside my window in an ordinary London suburb. It has just gone midnight and so there are few cars on the road. There are few gritters out and about too.

By daybreak, millions of people will be struggling to work, home or school across the Capital. Public transport will undoubtedly take a turn for the worse and while it is unlikely that the buses will be called off the road again, I would not bet against it. Of course it will be hell to come in by rail or by tube.

A few schools will shut for health and safety (I love lawyers), which means parents cannot come into work. The usual shut down in services, knock on effects will begin, like a domino. People will crash, kids will play in the snow, and people like me with a day (or night) off will be very happy to enjoy this day of fun.

Then the moaning begins. The puritans will soldier through, complaining about the lack of spirit amongst those that do not bother showing up for work. The legendary Twittersphere will be up in arms about how their lives have been inconvenienced. Wow. Talk about self inflation of their lives. But it does provide a justification to the monotony of what happens everyday.

So, to all those braving the cold tomorrow. Good luck! Enjoy it, it only happens once a year for a few days. While the snow in December was relatively early, what we are getting now is about right for the time of year. It is only going to last for a day or two so why not do a runner from work. Have a snowball fight with some mates. Find a reindeer. But most of all, live a little. And don’t moan about it. I think we could be heading for a barbecue summer again…


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One response to “Snow in the UK (and the predictable consequences)

  1. It sure looks chilly.
    Heard today that a cold wave is comming from northern Europe to Portugal too but (un)fortunately we don’t have snow here.

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