I am a space geek. It is quite clear to anyone who has read this blog in the past that I am a big Sci-Fi buff. I also love the thought of exploring, I am a great traveller if I may say so myself. Of course, this love of Sci-Fi and travel leads to only one conclusion. The ability to explore space and to nail and alien chick!

Seriously though, I really do believe in humanity’s reach for the stars. It is not something that will happen in my lifetime, but there will be a time in the future when traveling beyond the confines of our Solar System to live , work and play on far flung planets will be as easy as it is for us today traveling around this globe. Of course it will take a huge leap in technology if we are ever to achieve this goal. We also need a destination. So far, most of the extrasolar planets discovered have been huge fiery balls of gas, completely unsuitable for human habitation. But there is one that has very recently been found, a Super Earth, that could possibly have water on its surface. No one claims that there are little green men (or hot alien chicks) living on this world, but scientists are getting closer to discovering a possible twin for us minute Earthlings…


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