From Strike!

There are a lot of angry workers in the UK at the moment. BA workers are planning a twelve day strike (something of international importance as can be seen by the link source), railway workers are peeved off and the government seemed intent on grinding Royal Mail into the ground.

The reason for this anger? Quite simple. The past ten years have been a boom time in the UK. A boom time if you were already rich to begin with. The rich have been able to take advantage of huge house price increases turning the humble home into an investment portfolio. Land prices along with other costs such as fuel, food and utility bills have grown massively, vastly outpacing the level of pay. In other words, you can have the latest mobile phone, wear haute fashion and drive a flash car, but you still cannot afford a place to live. Such is the skewering of the cost base of the average shopping basket. Luxuries have become relatively cheap (thanks to Chinese factory workers) while basics have become unaffordable.

And the straw that broke the camels back? Last year’s government bailout. Now this year, we are seeing the beneficiaries of those bail outs granting themselves massive pay cheques while ordinary people are looking down the barrel of a shotgun. No one complained while these businesses were self sufficient. But as soon as they had recourse to our taxes, something was going to give.

There are going to be a lot more strikes coming your way, look forward to it! And I do not blame the workers…


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