The big news in India this week is the creation of a brand new state. Telangana will become India’s 29th state, carved out of what is now Andhra Pradesh (it used to be the Princely State of Hyderabad). There are protests around India, many are welcoming the news while a lot are bemoaning the creation of another fiefdom. Of course, the cockroaches are stepping up to entrench their own political positions and to fill their bellies on the backs of the indentured below them.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no leftist idealist. But what I hate is corruption. We have enough of it here in the UK. And the creation of new states just means more pigs lining up to the trough. I am all for good governance and for the devolution of power away from central governments and closer to the populace in order to serve the people better. If that is what people demand, then why not? But for every Kerala in India, there is also a Bihar. What direction will Telangana take?


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