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It has been a while, but here it goes, this week’s news highlights. First, an anniversary and a sad one at that, one year since the Mumbai attacks. Called by many as India’s 9/11 moment, it was only one of many such atrocities committed in India that year, but it happened to be outside Kashmir/Chhattisgarh and so was played out in front of the world’s media. Many blamed the Indian government for the handling of the crisis, but the saddest thing was to see such a great city brought to its knees. The Mumbaites are stronger after the attack, but like the dwellers of any big city around the world, terrorism is a facet of life that they have learned to live with.

Second, Dubai is bankrupt! Hooray! Unlike Mumbai or India, the Gulf States of the Middle East are my least favourite places in the world. For all the wealth they had, they could have given the world so much. Instead, the leaders of those countries have given their populace fat benefits to sit on their backside, while those same leaders have spent their money on prostitutes of the Edgeware Road, Champagne on the Champs Elysees and Fifth Avenue shopping all the while importing an army of slaves for their own pleasure. Oh, and they have ski slopes. Wow. All that cash and you have managed to build a range of shopping malls. You make Thatcher look like a wise spender of the North Sea oil wealth…

Third, a light hearted one to end the blog post. Oysterisation or whatever you want to call it. Basically South London can now join the Oystercard party. However, this being London, it is not a straight forward touch in and touch out. Oh the joys of the Oyster Extension Permit…



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