London Diary (4)

It was night time, and the river lapped against the embankment. Two lovers kissed as the Autumnal air swept past them from up the estuary. Not that they noticed, enticed as they were by the rapture in which they held each other. Millions of couples have done this before, under Waterloo Bridge, dancing the dance of the twosome. But of course, for them, like every couple before them and for every couple afterwards, this was their moment, this was unique to them. It was a clear night, despite the wind, as their lips locked.

And then they stopped. They took a look at each other. Despite the passion, despite the intensity, they could see into each other’s souls This moment, was as empty as it could get. Just another moment by the Thames, but in each other’s hearts, they knew that this would be a fleeting moment in each other’s lives.

But the kissing continued. Who cared if this was a fleeting moment. It was ‘their’ moment together…


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