India 2 – Mighty Meghalaya

Beautiful Meghalaya, India’s self styled abode of the clouds just happens to be one of my favourite places on this Earth, and I have barely scratched the surface of this state. Dominated by the matriarchy of the Khasi, Garo and Janita peoples, it is essentially is one large, wet plateau. And it is gorgeous. Lacking in nightlife, but making up for it in the daytime, the people of Meghalaya are fun loving, hard working and surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Green hills as far as the eye can see, waterfalls everywhere and of course hidden villages filled with mystique and intrigue…

And as I have mentioned earlier in this blog, there is a rich culture to discover in this land. Along with great food, Meghalaya is a destination that is much maligned by travelers to India. The North East has a reputation for being remote (true – but only due to the farcical Bangladeshi border) and dangerous (not the parts I have been to). It is left untouched by the common tourist. Many people within India (including the immigration officers at the airports) are surprised that I am willing to travel to Meghalaya, but for people beyond India, it is a place that is not even on their tourist radar. Quite simply, it is not well publicised. A shame for the local tourist industry but blissful for people seeking a little bit of peace in one of the world’s most crowded countries, it is bliss to find this empty quarter. Both times I have traveled to Meghalaya, I have only bumped into foreigners twice, which is surprising when you head into the rest of India and meet the rest of the world coming to see this fantastic land.

And contemplating my next big trip, I think I know where I am heading off to…


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