My Sassy Girl – the coolest love story ever?

I love Korean films. Fact, they are so warped, that they will entice and intoxicate the nearest viewer. One film I have recently seen, is the 2001 hit, My Sassy Girl. A fantastic film, that will make you laugh, will make you sigh and might even make you cry. Man, I am a big softy…

Plus, with some of the coolest moments in film, this is one movie I could watch again and again. And to think this is an eight year old film! All right, you want to see a cool part of the film, then click here and move the cursor to the one minute mark. Start playing and watch the rest of the vid, it will crack you up!

The film has been remade twice. Once by the American’s and another by the Indian’s. Both kind of flopped. I have seen the Indian version, and it is simply not as good as the original, although the story is virtually identical. I don’t know why, but I think that the combination of a director who really loved the story and great acting made ‘My Sassy Girl’ one of Korea’ biggest hits.

But to all those regular travellers on public transport – beware of who you pick up…


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