The laws of blogging by Charlie…

LAW 1: The amount written on this blog is inversely proportional to the amount written beyond.

(In other words, the more I write here, the less I am writing outside this electronic portal)

LAW 2: Never get too personal.

(Absolutely. While this blog can sometimes get fiery, I never reveal too much. My personal and family life is strictly off limits)

LAW 3: No religion.

(I do not want the hassle. My personal beliefs remain my own)

LAW 4: Quality rather than quantity.

(I try, but as this is a nearly daily blog, that can get tricky)

LAW 5: Plan the blog posts.

(I would say about 50% of my blogs are planned, the rest is off the top of my head. The amount of planing can vary from a simple idea brewing in my head, to a full scale draft and research)

LAW 6: Simplify but do not patronise.

(That helps me with my scripts too)

LAW 7: Have fun!


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