Going back to India!

I am so under prepared for this holiday. Despite spending the best part of three months planning my getaway to India, I still have not booked my hotel room nor have I secured a ride from Guwahati to Shillong. For those that do not know the geography of the North East, I am landing in the region’s gateway and heading off to the hills. A three hour drive at the best of times.

Oh, and I still do not know how I am going to get round to Calcutta….ohmygosh, Calcutta! Oh man! Well, it will be the fifth biggest city I have visited (after Mexico, Cairo, Shanghai and Jakarta), so I am expecting the usual belch of megacity fun! Plus, being an India city, the delights of the local street food!

All right, I have a rough plan in my head, and I am going to do the five things I recommended to the casual visitor while I was last in India. To Recap:

1: Meet the Khasis. I am off to Shillong for a couple of days and so will get a chance to sample the unique culture of these great people.

2: Hop on a train. I have to get to Calcutta somehow, right?

3: Cross a bamboo bridge. Maybe not exactly bamboo, but I am planning to do one very special river crossing while on my travels.

4: Catch a flick. Oh yes! A must do!

5: Eat well: My tastebuds are tingling in excitement!

See you back here on October 13th,

El Director!


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