Oi itunes – where’s my green f**king button!

I use itunes as a media player. Recently, I downloaded the software update. So far, so good. It looks a little bit more ‘funky’, but it is still the same media player that I have always used. Now I want to ‘minimise the player’. In other words, I want to turn it from this:

to this:

In the previous version of itunes, all you had to do was click on the little green button, and it would toggle the between the two sizes. You could go from ‘big, maximised’ itunes player to ‘small, minimised’ itunes player. You with me so far? In other words, if I wanted to browse songs in depth, I would maximise the player, select the song or playlist and then minimise it, keeping it behind all my other applications in the background. All with the click of a simple green button.

But this has now gone. That green button now does S.F.A. You click it and it shift the player a few pixels to the right.

Now, I know that all the other applications will behave like this if you click the green button, but that is besides the point. I liked the fact that you could switch to the mini-player with the simple click of the green button. I do not want a standardised player, I want my old media player back.

I want it back with the little quirk, which was an instant mini player by clicking on the green button. I do not want to press the option key and the green button. I do not want to have to remember another keyboard short cut in order to view my itunes in a nice tiny mode. I want the green button back! And I want it now! I do not care about how fancy itunes 9 is, or how it will enhance my media experience. After a night shift, all I want is my green button!


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One response to “Oi itunes – where’s my green f**king button!

  1. Laura

    With a little bit of research, I learned you can option-click. (Totally intuitive, right?) Or, of course, you can shift-command-M.

    Still, I agree! I really dislike version “improvements” simply for the sake of advertising there’s new flashy stuff.

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