Crossing the Thames – an update…

Hampton Ferry
Hampton Court Bridge
Kingston Bridge
Teddington Lock
Ham Ferry
Richmond Bridge
Twickenham Bridge
Richmond Lock
Kew Bridge
Chiswick Bridge
Barnes Railway Bridge
Hammersmith Bridge
Putney Bridge
Fulham Railway Bridge
Wandsworth Bridge
Battersea Bridge
Albert Bridge
Chelsea Bridge
Vauxhall Bridge
Lambeth Bridge
Hungerford Bridge
Waterloo Bridge

as well as London Bridge, which I did ‘out of turn’ as it was its 800th anniversary in July.

And still to come are the following crossings:

Blackfriars Bridge
Millennium Bridge
Southwark Bridge
Tower Bridge
Rotherhithe Tunnel
Canary Wharf-Rotherhithe Ferry
Greenwich Foot Tunnel
Woolwich Ferry
Woolwich Foot Tunnel

There are two potential crossings that could also make it to the list. The first is the new ferry crossing that replaces the Jubilee Line on weekends to the Millenium Dome. The second is the new Blackfriars Station. If they exist before I finish this trek through London, then they may well make it onto this list…


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