Crossings of the River Thames 24 – Waterloo Bridge!

Wow! I have done two dozen crossings over or on the Thames. I never thought I would have been able to keep this up when I first started out on this journey downstream, but surprisingly, I have! If I was following the strict order of things, this bridge should have been blogged last month. Still, as I am never that strict…

Waterloo is a great bridge. Not so much for the bridge itself, but for the view. Waterloo Bridge is THE viewpoint in London. If there is one place you have to go In London, then it is not Buck Pal nor Madame’s house of wax but Waterloo Bridge. Why?

Well, Waterloo Bridge is a curiosity of geography. It is situated on a bend in the river. Which allows the user of the bridge to take in the full panorama of London’s riverside. A distraction if driving a double decker across the bridge, but fantastic for the casual walker and even better for the serious photographer.

(The view upstream – not a serious photograph, but v. cool)

Waterloo is one big bridge. It is long, exceedingly so. This is due to the fact that it does not only cross over the Thames, but also the Embankment and South Bank complex. It is also very wide. Well the reason for the width is that it is a fairly new bridge, the current structure being less than seventy years old – young for a Thames crossing. It was designed for tram traffic, and when they were dismantled, suddenly there was a lot more room for cars.

Getting there and away:

A load of buses, far too numerous to mention here, serve the bridge. Really, this is probably the best connected bridge in the whole of the city. You can find out the buses here, and here. If you want to bus it around Waterloo at night, then check these links. The nearest station is Waterloo (Northern, Bakerloo, Jubilee, The Drain and mainline stations)


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