A ‘proper’ blog

I have not done an old fashioned, ‘what I’m upto’ blog in a fair while. You know, the classic, almost diaryesque blog that describes, in some detail what I have been upto. And there is a good reason for it. Partly as on the film side, I am in the limbo zone of submitting short films to festivals, but waiting for the turnaround time. This week, I have not sent to any festivals, I just needed to switch off from the form filling. I will get back to festivals next week. In fact, this week, I have taken some ‘time-out’ with regards to the filming. Just a little switch off. And for god reason too. Blogging about film making is actually quite dull, for a reason. It is pretty technical. Also, I just felt like being more creative this week, so I threw caution to the wind and headed out. Lots of cycling, lots of movie watching, including the fantastic Mesrine and meeting up with friends. Oh, and lots of work too. After all, I am heading back to India this September, so I got to save up!

Talking about India, I better sort out that visa pretty sharpish…


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