Memories for the weekend…

I remember the Soviet Union. Big, bad, red. We had big cola brands, the communists had lousy cars and awful looking women with too much testosterone. Of course the reality was somewhat different. Colas rot your teeth, Eastern Block women are hot, and despite having a car, a bicycle is stil the fastest way to cross London, 20 years after its invention.

I remember the mid-90’s. Boy bands that were awful, girl bands that could not sing. Of course, times have not changed much. Music is still awful, but instead of a 1960’s revival, we are now going through an eighties revival. I wonder if anyone will attempt a 1990’s revival in music, but how can you revive a revival decade?

I remember the war on terror. Blair and Bush killing people both at home and abroad in order to get cheaper oil for the companies they held shares in. Squandering the assets of the Western world on geopolitical strategy that will take generations to pay off. All of a sudden, the War on Terror seems quite quaint as an idea, more like a war of attrition.

I remember starting this blog, an awfully long time ago and thinking that this would never last. My mind is too fickle, my whims too contrasting. Shockingly it still exists. In a way, although it is completely random in what it covers.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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