Classic Compie Games (5)

The final one of this ‘mini-series’, and for me, the game that I have always seen in my dreams. While Sim City dominated my waking hours, I lived in the world of The Secret of Mana. This was a game that was all encompassing. I am a big RPG fan, they are the Graphic Novels of the video gaming world, with their in-depth story lines and fantastic elements. This is not just a couple of dragons, but myths with Japanese flair. Their RPG’s have style as well as a message to tell, and the Secret of Mana was a game that was…well, more like taking part in a movie than a game. You got to love your characters, you did not feel you were moving pixels in an animated background, but was shaping the destiny of these wonderful people.

While Sim City 2000 encompassed my life, and Micro Machines entertained me, it was games like Zelda, and it was especially the Secret of Mana that opened my mind up to stories and possibilities beyond the norm. If anything shaped me as a writer when I was a child, it was these great Role Playing Games that definitely has a big impact on what I would choose to become…


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