Classic Compie Games (3)

Remember the Gameboy? No, not the colour version, nor the slim downed one. The old, clunky, 4 AA battery powered monochrome version, that was released in the early 1990’s with Tetris for free. It cost £70, an absolute fortune in those days, but I was one of the lucky few to first get one. The 1990’s, those heady days, a battle ensued, not between good and evil, but between Nintendo and Sega. In the handheld market, there were two realistic options. The B&W Gameboy, or the fashionable colour screened Gamegear. The really rich kids got the Gamegear, but it did not last five minutes without a battery adapter. However, the Gameboy lasted an absolute lifetime on those four rechargeable batteries of mine…

And those four batteries came in useful when I came to play the only B&W version of Zelda, and the only Zelda adventure released onto the Gameboy unit – Link’s Awakening.

I will be blunt. I loved Zelda, hell I still do. If I have any say in how my children are named, and if I happen to have a daughter, there is a good chance that she may be called so. It is the one thing I regret about stopping my video game days was never getting the chance to play Zelda 64, possibly the best game ever. But for now, let me confirm that this game, on the Gameboy, despite al the limitations, was officially and still has never been beaten as the best hand held game. Ever.

Zelda nurtured me, it exposed me to a world beyond the mundane, and the memories are more than fond. They were spectacular. Who ever realised one little cartridge could give so much joy!

Go on, check out the screener – feel the memories flood back!

(Rating A – For such a tiny game, how much better can you get. A monochrome revolution!)



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