Classic Compie Games (2)

Oh, the memories! Flicking on my clunky P60, seeing MS-DOS light up the screen and then hunting for my floppy disk with the greatest simulated settlements ever created. Sweet! Many a month was spent, clicking away at the mouse, creating such towns as my utopian metropolis, an industrial hell hole, an island city, a string of villages and many more.

For anyone who played the original Sim City (me!), Sim City 200 was such a revolution in games playing. I do not think that any other sequel in the history of video games have come close to what SIm City 2000 did. The original Sim City was a great game, and in terms of the ‘God-Like’ simulations that have been available, it was ground breaking in what it achieved.

Sim City 2000 took all the best bits of Sim City (you are the lord and master of the city) and then gave you 3D-contour mapping, a range of building styles, a real look at the city’s utilities, taxation powers that were intricate and complex and most importantly, the ability to build a tube network. Never underestimate the power (and cost) of building an underground network. Oh, and why the llama obsession the game? Fantastic memories, and while there have been better and more complex Sim City games, but Sm City 2000 was the revolution in both Sim City and of ‘Creator Simulation’ games as a whole. Fantastic fun, and far too much of my childhood lost here…


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