Not blogging

I’ve been good. Surprisingly. Since May 28th, I have been blogging everyday, continuously on this blog. That is nearly two whole months of ramblings for your viewing pleasure. Not bad. But yesterday I was in a ‘meh’ mood. I personally blame the weather. Too much of the jet-stream passing overhead with nothing to show for it. Another summer down the tubes, and considering it is August, just how long has this rotten heatwave lasted? One bloody week! Thats all! We had one week of sun in June and then it was goodbye ‘good times’, hello rain. Ugh, can this country not even do the weather right – it is what makes the UK so depressing – the lousy weather.

Wait, this was meant to be a blog about ‘the blog’ not about the climate.

So, yeah, my blog was pretty good. A whole month of India (to which I am returning), and nearly a whole month on other things, not all of it Caution Wet Paint related (despite it taking an overwhelming amount of my own time).

I have been watching an inordinate mount of movies recently. Both at the picture house and on DVD. Especially cartoons, for some reason I love the toons!

I’m out of here…


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